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The 31st ASFAA Board Meeting and the 2nd ASFAA Sport for All Training Course


The 31st ASFAA Board Meeting and the 2nd ASFAA Sport for All Training Course were held in Macao on June 2nd and 3rd, 2012.
The 31st ASFAA Board Meeting was convened at the Macau East Asian Games Dome on June 2nd, in which progress report of the 2012 ASFAA Congress and future development of ASFAA were discussed. Attending board of directors included members from China, India, Iran, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Chinese Taipei and Macau, China.
Macau Sport Development Board has been authorized by ASFAA to host the "2nd ASFAA Sport for All Training Course" at the ASFAA Training Center (located at the Sports Training Centre of Macau Sport Development Board) on June 2nd 2012, with the theme designated as “Exercise Scientifically, Keep Fit and Health for All”. Experts and scholars from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Portugal were invited to provide participants with insights on the latest developments in the field of Sport for All and the course attracted participants from China, India, Iran, Malaysia, Korea, Chinese Taipei and Macau. After the course concluded, participants were also invited to attend the conference speech of the Conference for the 3rd China’s National Physical Fitness Surveillance & International Seminar of Physical Fitness Research in Macau whichwas held at the Macau East Asian Games Dome on June 3rd, so as to enrich the participants’ knowledge in the field of sports.
After the two-day courses, participants were able to gain knowledge about the current situation and future development of Sport for All in Asia and Europe. Mr. Feng Jianzhong (President of ASFAA), Mr. Vong Iao Lek (President of the Macau Sport Development Board and ASFAA board of director), Mr. José Tavares and Mr. Pun Weng Kun (Vice Presidents of the Macau Sport Development Board), the ASFAA Board of Directors and members of the Macau Sports Committee were invited to attend the certificate presentation ceremony and the gala dinner on June 3rd.
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