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Sixth Family Walking in Iran


On May 22, 2009, the number of participations in the sixth Family walking in Tabriz of Iran was more than in Fars, Hamedan, Lorestan, Sistan&Balochestan and ILam. This gathering was held with presence of 320 thousand walking lovers in El Goli Park. Many officials of government took part in this great sport event including, Mr. Hesam, Vice-president of Iran Physical Education Organization, Mr. Heidari, President of Iran Sport for All Federation(ISFAF), Mr. Fakhari, President of physical Education Department of East Azarbayejan and Governor of East Azarbayejan. Mr. Heidari indicated in the sixth Family walking in Tabriz that freshness and activity must be one of the main factor of life. According to public relations of ISFAF, Mr. Heidari said: the family walking in Tabriz was for anniversary of Khoramshahr liberty. On the occasion of anniversary of Khoramshahr liberty, ISFAF recommended to all provinces to hold family walking so they were encountering the great gatherings of sports lovers with 250/000 participations in Kermanshah and over 800/000 participations in Hamedan and also in the other cities. It is indicative of creative culture in Iran society. He specified that whenever a society enjoys activity and freshness, it does routine activities with double power and it brings progress and health for society. Mr. Heidari said he hoped one day all Iranian people participate in family walking with a healthy body and high spirit. In the end Mr. Heidari thanked all officials throughout the country for conducting the family walking. Simultaneously, Hamedan, Malayer, Nahavand , Toyserkan, AsadAbad, Kabotarahang, Razan and Bahar conducted family walking on Friday on May 22, 2009 , with about 800/000 sports lovers. In the end of this gathering the Government provided financial support in the form of cash rewards, prizes and sports clothing and one auto set.
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