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The 4th Busan TAFISA World Sport for All Games


The TAFISA World Sport for All Games 2008 will be hosted by the Korean city of Busan from Sept. 26th through Oct. 2nd, 2008. Through 2002 Busan Asian Games, the Soccer World Cup 2002 and the 2005 APEC Summit, Busan has been recognized as a city that has a longstanding record and the capacity to successfully hold sport events and conventions. The city located on the south coast of Korea has all the necessary facilities, accommodations, and transportation system and tourist attractions like beaches, mountains and historic sites. 

The Busan Games that are in the tradition of TAFISA's World Festival of Traditional Games held every four years since 1992 in Bonn will also focus on new and innovative trends in sports as part of a Sports & Leisure Industrial Fair. The Busan Games has adopted new sports (e-sports and X-sports) which will enable it to be the world's largest sports and cultural event integrated the traditional and future sports/culture beyond the barriers of age and generation.

Significantly, for the first time the 4th TAFISA World Sport for All Games are officially patronized by the IOC. It can be subsequently recognized as an important international sports event realizing the Olympic Spirit. The organizing committee has obtained the support from several international organizations such as WHO, UN, UNESCO, ICSSPE and World Leisure Organization in collaborative relationship with TAFISA, which will turn the event into the social sports and cultural Olympics for the global village in the 21st century beyond the existing frame of traditional game and sports.

In addition, the programs like World 10 Million Walk and Inline Skate Marathon will give us the opportunity to reconfirm the values of human coexistence and world peace through sports activities. These games unite various civilizations on one platform to make one and all aware of the depth, variety and values of Olympism and achieve the global peace in this hi-tech century.

This new paradigm of sports festival will provide a unique chance to the spectators to enjoy the participation together along with the players, which will surely distinguish the 4th Busan TAFISA World Sport for All Games from Olympics and World Games. According to the words of the TAFISA president, "the World Sport for All Games will be a vibrant and entertaining experience bridging the gap between traditional games and popular sports". The organizers are expecting delegations from 100 countries worldwide to present their typical traditional and popular sports including more than 10,000 players and participants to a worldwide audience.

Meanwhile, World Forum on Sports, Education and Culture and Sports Leisure Industrial Fair will also be simultaneously held as its associated events.

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