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2007 Conference on National Physical Fitness Opened in Macau


The opening ceremony of the 2007 Conference on National Physical Fitness was held in Macau Tower Convention and Exhibition Center on July 4th, 2007. It was hosted by General Administration of Sport of China, organized by Sport Development Board of the Macau Special Administrative Region and co-organized by Physical Fitness Research Association of China Sport Science Society. Mr. Feng Jianzhong, Vice Minister of General Administration of Sport of China, and Mr. Alex Vong Lao Lek, Acting President of the Macau Sport Development Board, were present at the opening ceremony.

Mr. Feng Jianzhong stressed in his speech that national physical fitness is wealth, and resource as well, and it is of great importance for the sustainable development of human society. By carrying out researches on physical fitness, the law and cause of the changes of different people's physical fitness will be found out to seek countermeasures for improving human physical fitness and adaptability. This Conference will provide the experts and scholars with a very good opportunity for exchanging views and cooperation in the field of physical fitness research. The selected papers display the latest achievements of physical fitness research and basically reveal for the most part of the research level of the countries and regions related. Through sharing views among the scholars, the physical fitness research will scale a new height.

Mr. Alex Vong Lao Lek said that with the development and progress of the society, people pay more attention to their physical fitness and health. Therefore, it is a crucial research subject for the government of MSAR how to strengthen the research on the citizens' physical fitness and conduct the measurement with scientific indexes for further improvement of the citizens' physical fitness and health. 

The opening ceremony was followed by the Conference Speech, delivered respectively by Mr. Sheng Zhiguo, Director General of Sport for All Department of General Administration of Sport of China with the topic "Sport for All Goes Hand in Hand with the 2008 Olympic Games",  Professor Shang-Hi Rhee, President of TAFISA with the topic "Environment of  Earth and Human Health", and Mr. Tian Ye, Director of China National Research Institute of Sports Science with the topic "The Dynamic Changes in National Physical Fitness in China". 

Six experts gave a Keynote Speech in the afternoon. They spoke of the status quo of national physical fitness research, the practical experience on improving national physical fitness, and the factors affecting the development of national physical fitness. The six experts were Professor Hisashi Naito from Japanese Juntendo University, with the topic "China-Japanese Cooperative Study on Physical Fitness-Comparison of Physical Fitness in Japanese Children and Youth between 1986 and 2006"; Mr. Jiang Chongmin, Head of Sport for All Research Center of China National Research Institute of Sports Science, with the topic "The Distribution and Calculation of Body Fat Percentage in Chinese Town Residents: A Population-based Study"; Ms. Cai Rui, Research Professor of Sport for All Research Center of China National Research Institute of Sport Science, with the topic "China-Japanese Cooperative Study on Physical Fitness in 2005"; Mr. So Lap Chong, Head of Sports Medicine Center of Macau Sport Development Board, with the topic "Investigation on Physical Fitness of Macau Citizen"; Dr. Joao Barreiros from Facult Kinetiy of Human CS-Technical University of Lisbon, with the topic "Sports Dropout in Adolescence: An Overview"; and Professor Frank Fu from The Hong Kong Baptist University, with the topic "The Development of A Sports Culture for Hong Kong Youth". Also presented at the opening ceremony were Mr. Zhang Xiaoguang, Representative of Department of Culture and Publicity of the Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Macau Special Administrative Region; Mr. Eddie Laam Wah Ying, President of Macau Olympic Committee; Mr. Rui Xavier Mourinha, Vice Minister of Portuguese Sports Ministry; Mr. Wolfgang Baumann, Secretary General of TAFISA; Mr. Brian Dixon, Secretary General of ASFAA; members of Macau Sports Committee, and officials from Macau Sports Associations. Nearly 150 scholars from China and other countries or regions attended the Conference, together with more than 100 local members working in the fields of medical health, sports and education. It is believed that this Conference will play a significant role in raising the public awareness of physical fitness and health.

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