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The 2013 Spring “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition


The Macau Sport Development Board has always been committed to promoting and popularizing Sport for All and providing more opportunities for the local residents to participate in physical activities, so as to enhance their health condition. The “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition has been jointly organized since October 2009 by the Macau Sport Development Board and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, in partnership with the Macau-China Basketball Association and the Macau Football Association, which is enthusiastically supported by ball sport devotees with overwhelming response. 

The five-week competition included basketball and football contests, taking place every Sunday from April 21 to May 19, with participants being divided into youth, junior and open categories. The devotees all expressed their great support for the event, with participants showing up early to prepare for the matches. All participants played their best and displayed unity and team spirit throughout the matches, which helped to draw many spectators for excitement. The event concluded with a total of 502 teams and 2008 athletes participating. In order to provide more opportunities for the youth to participate in sport activities, the youth group was also established this year which helped to cultivate their interest in sports, and strengthen their knowledge of ball sports. This also served to be a chance for sport associations to select talents and build up a foundation for the future development of basketball and football programs.

Through organization of the “Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition, it can encourage residents to take part more in sports activities in their leisure time, increasing their interest in sports for the life-long participation in sports, to improve their health quality, and to extend the unique sports culture of Macau. Furthermore, it helps to create a platform for the public to develop friendship and harmony, to promote fair competition, and to cultivate teamwork spirit, and promoting the message “Let’s exercise for a better health” to all local residents.

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