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22nd ASFAA General Assembly held in Bali, Indonesia


The 22nd ASFAA General Assembly was successfully concluded on 10 October 2014 during the 13th ASFAA Congress in Bali, Indonesia and with the unanimous decision of the members present, Macau, China was chosen as the host city for the 14th ASFAA Congress in 2016. 

In the General Assembly, the candidate host Macau Sport Development Board, represented by President, Mr. Jose Tavares presented to the ASFAA members the bid proposal to host the 14th ASFAA Congress in Macau, China. The proposed theme of the 2016 Congress is “Leisure Activities Promote Sport for All”, which was selected given the wealth of experience Macau Sport Development Board has in organizing sport for all related activities in leisure time and public holiday. The strong backing and support of the Macau SAR Government coupled with Macau’s extensive experience in organizing major event/conference, convenient transportation system, excellent meeting/exhibition facilities and infrastructures have made Macau Sport Development Board an ideal candidate to host the 14th ASFAA Congress.

Apart of the election of the host city of the 14th ASFAA Congress, the ASFAA General Assembly also endorsed the 2013 ASFAA reports and reviewed the working plan for the year 2014 and 2015. 

Prior to the meeting of the General Assembly, the 37th ASFAA Board of Directors meeting was also held on the same day, during which the Board of Directors discussed future plans and strategies to promote the development of Sport for All in the Asia-Pacific Region. 

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