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TAFISA World Congress


A country full of windmills, bicycles and numerous companies investing in sustainability. A hosting city with a number one Sport for All reputation and a long history in organizing national and international sport events. A program full of durable topics and innovative and interactive sessions, activities and inspirational field visits.

With the theme ‘Sustainability and Sport for All’, the 23rd TAFISA World Congress 2013 will focus on sport and sustainability. Sport is sustainable when it meets the needs of today’s sporting community, while contributing to the improvement of future sport opportunities for all and the improvement of the natural and social environment on which it depends.

This year’s conference aims to contribute to sustainability in the world of sport and physical activity by addressing four key areas, namely:

  • new technology and social media
  • nature and the environment
  • communities and networks
  • social inclusion, empowerment and participation
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