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Under a new initiative called 'Vision 2030', the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) of Singapore and the Singapore Sports Council (SSC) will work with the Public-Private-People sectors to jointly develop proposals on how sport can best serve Singapore's future needs.

Sports will be used as a strategy for individual development, community bonding and nation building in the next two decades. Vision 2030 will incorporate considerations of Singapore's future challenges, including an ageing population; the pressure of living in an increasingly urban environment; higher expectations from individuals regarding the quality of life and a shrinking workforce with rising demands regarding job satisfaction.

Mr Chan Chun Sing, Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth & Sports, said, "Sports can be used as a strategy for individual character development to prepare our people for a more complex and competitive environment. It can be a way for busy people to find balance; for the silver generation to age actively; for youth to be engaged and learn life skills. On the community front, sports can be a powerful tool to bond communities across genders, races and religions. Sports can also be used to build national pride, unite and ignite our people as we move forward as one."

A Vision 2030 Steering Committee, consisting of a cross section of society, has been formed to lead the discussion, consider proposals and recommend policy development based on the ideas and feedback generated by the sporting community and the public at large.

Recommended strategies in seven broad areas will be formulated by the committee:
i. Generation Z
ii. Balance to the Rhythm of an Urban Lifestyle
iii. Silver Generation
iv. Spirit of Singapore
v. Future Ready
vi. Futurescape
vii. Organising for Success

A website (www.Vision2030.sg) has been created for the public to share their ideas and feedback.
Said Mr Chan, "We want the public to participate actively in co-creating Vision 2030 because we believe everyone has a stake in it. This brings us to the next lap for sports - by everyone, for everyone, and with everyone. The process is just as important as the final product (sports plan), and we intend to continue this journey with all stakeholders even after the plan has been developed."

"As the national agency overseeing sports development in Singapore, we are very excited with what will come out of the Vision 2030 exercise. With this new approach towards sports planning, we hope the true value of sports can be felt in all quarters of society and not just amongst sports enthusiasts," said Singapore Sports Council Chief Executive Officer Lim Teck Yin.

The sports masterplan is expected to be ready in early 2012.

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