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TAFISA Triple AC Program


As part of the IOC-endorsed "TAFISA Triple AC Program" of active cities, active communities and active citizens, being launched in the coming months, we will have a new section in the newsletter featuring a city or community doing excellent work to be referenced as Best Practice.
The Ciclovía Recreativa is the temporary opening of streets to residents so they may enjoy the space for walking, jogging, skating or riding a bike. Ciclovía Recreativa is different from permanent bike routes because it is a temporary space which is not usually used for transport, but recreation. In general, Ciclovía Recreativa occurs on a fixed day of the week (usually Sundays and in some cases on holidays) and has an average duration of six hours.

Bogotá's Ciclovía Recreativa, which began in 1974 and called Ciclovía, is considered a pioneering program in the Americas and has served as an inspiration for other cities and municipalities that now enjoy this event.

Currently, there are programs in 12 countries in the Americas, and 33 cities and five rural municipalities have programs that occur at least twice a month.
Website: http://cicloviarecreativa.uniandes.edu.co/english/introduction.html
The Sport Organisation, Municipality of Tehran, I. R. Iran, became a member of TAFISA in 2009. Since then, they have been an active and dedicated member of the TAFISA family, including hosting the TAFISA Triple AC Development Workshop in May 2009, and continued support of the Triple AC program. In line with this, the Organisation is very active within the city of Tehran, which is no small feat when dealing with a city of a population of around14 million!

The Sport Organisation has a mission to provide sports services to all members of society, regardless of gender, race or social class. This includes providing training classes, meetings, health stations, workshops, sports facilities and equipment for Tehran citizens in general and special target groups.

The Organisation held sports events in 374 Tehran districts in the fields of volleyball, basketball, football, aerobics, physical fitness, badminton, darts, chess, gymnastics, karate, taekwondo, swimming, tennis and skating in 2010. Special events were held for the women of Tehran and more are being developed to target disabled persons. 862 physical activity stations are also strategically positioned around the city attracting more than 5 million users, including participants in free-of-charge daily activitiy programs.

TAFISA congratulates the Sport Organisation, Municipality of Tehran for its fine efforts to promote Sport for All and physical activity in its city, for communities and for citizens.
Serbia has always been an active nation with a variety of programs and events taking place all year around. As every year the Belgrade Sport for All Association has produced a booklet on active living and Sport for All to inform the people of the meaning of Sport for All and with detailed information on some 20 annual events and activities for 2011.

In cooperation with "Sport for All Serbia", Serbia SOKO, Faculty of Sport and Physical Education and Association of Recreation Experts of Belgrade, the Belgrade Sport for All Association will promote the global initiative of "Physical Activity for Health (Move for Health)" by introducing information brochures on improving health and physical fitness through walking, running, cycling and exercising at home and in the office.

One of the many projects worth mentioning is the "Game is My Food", which is targeted at children of 5-7 years old. Under the auspices of the Belgrade Department of Child Protection, the program includes seminars, books and activities at the local and city levels.

Another program is the Ecological-Recreational Camp is organized at the bottom of Mt. Tara in 'untouched' nature in July and August for students and nature lovers. Activities include canoeing, swimming, outdoor activities, sports fishing etc. as well as chess tournaments and quizzes. Every year, participants come from around the country including Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia.

Website: http://www.sportforall.org.rs/eng/program1.html
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