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Sport helping to build stronger communities in Australia


Minister for Sport Mark Arbib and Parliamentary Secretary for Immigration and Citizenship Kate Lundy have announced the Multicultural Youth Sports Partnership Program to create opportunities for young people from ethnically diverse backgrounds to engage with sport.
Senator Arbib said eligible organisations would be able to receive grants of up to $50,000 to support the costs associated with sport and physical activity.
'Sport is intricately linked to the Australian way of life. Sport teaches our children self-discipline, team work and how to reach your goals,' Senator Arbib said.
'Sport fosters a tolerance and understanding of different cultures, on the sporting field all that matters is the game. It has the power to cross cultural, religious and political divides.
'The grants could help off-set costs like membership fees, travel to sporting events, uniforms and coaching and officials' costs.
'The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that more young people have access to safe, fun and inclusive sporting opportunities. We want our sporting teams to reflect the diversity of our nation.'
The Multicultural Youth Sports Partnership Program forms a key part of Australia’s multicultural policy.
Senator Lundy said the Australian Government was committed to creating a more inclusive, multicultural society.
'Australia is a nation of many passions - the new multicultural policy highlights our diverse culture, our commitment to embracing our new migrants,' Senator Lundy said.
'In addition to the Multicultural Youth Sport Partnership Program, the Australian Government has announced a new Multicultural Council, a National Anti-Racism Partnership and Strategy and Multicultural Arts and Festivals Funding.
'The Australian Government is committed to creating an inclusive and united Australia that champion's multicultural policy with a focus on access and equality.'

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