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The 26th ASFAA Board Meeting held in Macau


The 26th ASFAA Board Meeting was held in Macau, China from March 18 to 19, 2009. 13 delegates were present at this meeting, including Mr. Feng Jianzhong(China), President of ASFAA, Mr. Sarjit Singh(Malaysia), Vice President of ASFAA, Hon. Brian Dixon (Australia), Vice President of ASFAA, Mr. Herzel Hagay (Israel), Secretary General of ASFAA, Mr. Liu Guoyong (China), Treasurer of ASFAA,  Dr. Yasuo Yamaguchi (Japan), Dr. Min-Soo Kim (Korea), Ms. Mitra Rouhi Dehkordi (Iran), Mr. Thomas Cheng-Wei Tsai (Chinese Taipei), Mr. Vang Iao Lek (Macau, China), Board of Directors,  Mr.A.K.Saha (India), Commissioner, Dr. Ju Ho Chang(Korea), Honorable President of ASFAA and Mr. Kang-Too Lee(Korea), Honorable Member of ASFAA.  Dr. Shang-Hi Rhee, President of TAFISA, and Mr. Wolfgang Baumann, Secretary General of TAFISA, were invited to attend this meeting and participate in discussion.

This is the first Board Meeting after the 10th ASFAA Congress in Busan, Korea. The President Mr. Feng chaired the meeting. Board of Directors made work reports on their respective responsibilities. The revision of the Statute, the recruitment of new membership, the Work Plan for 2009 and the preparation for the 2010 ASFAA Congress in Israel were discussed and much consensus was achieved.

The delegates also visited the ASFAA Training Centre to be constructed by the Macau Sport Development Board, took part in some sport for all activities and attended the Opening Ceremony of the exhibition: "Experience The Olympics - Beyond the dream". 

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