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Singapores First Suburban Race


The Suburban @ North East Run 2009, the first of its kind in Singapore, was a huge success. This was because of its main objectives. Aside from advocating a healthy lifestyle, the event also provided help for the needy and promoted environmental awareness.

Participants were all encouraged to bring along packets of rice, milk tin cans as well as bottles of cooking oil which will be collected for needy residents in the North East CDC."All these items collected can really make a difference to someone who has lost his job and needs to feed his family. It is also a good opportunity for me to spend time with my daughter, who's usually busy" said 63-year old Mr. Lee, who was participating in this run with his daughter.

In addition to helping the needy, environmental awareness was also another key objective. There was even a special appearance by the Enviro-buzz, a joint collaboration between the Northeast CDC and the NEA (National Environmental Agency) who co-sponsored the event.

The run, with 3200 participants in total featured varying running distances ranging from 2km to 10km. However, unlike past runs, a unique feature of the race was the different categories that the participants could take part in. To forge greater community bonding, new pair combinations have been introduced such as siblings, couple, friends and even neighbor pairings. 

Aside from the competitive races, the Suburban @ North East Run 2009 proved to be a truly heartwarming sight. Scenes of parents encouraging their children on during the race are touching. The race brought out the true affection and love that partners had for each other and it was really moving to see them cheering each other on after such a long and arduous journey.

Miss Ke Rui, a female participant after the prize presentation ceremony had some comments to share, "I really enjoyed the run together with my friends! This event was really well-organized, logistics and all" she said.

Careful planning was evidently true as volunteers and organizers alike were well located throughout the entire 10km track to provide ample water points as well as to cheer the runners on.

In a nutshell, the success of this well-organized event not only stemmed from the various objectives that were achieved, but also from the encouragement and care shown by all the participants. In a way, it reflects the saying whereby tough times bring out the best within people.

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