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Make a move in sport!


National Youth Week is the biggest celebration of young people (aged 12 - 25) on the Australian calendar.

The Australian Sports Commission is proud to be a major sponsor of the event and is embracing the 2009 theme of 'Make a Move' by promoting opportunities for young people to have fun, get active and have a go at sport.

Olympic silver medallist Melissa Wu has dived into the event as the Australian Sporting Commission's National Youth Week ambassador.

Melissa is encouraging any young person that wants to make friends, have fun, and get fit and healthy, to contact their local clubs and find out what is going on.

'Youth Week is all about having a go. It doesn't matter how good you are or how old - you can play at school or join your local sports club - it is all about having fun, making friends and doing your best,' said Melissa.

There are many exciting sports that anyone can take part in - did you know that skating at a skate park or doing tricks on a BMX are actually examples of sport?

Mountain biking, trampolining, beach volleyball, frisbee, surfing and handball are other activities many people do not realise are registered sports with clubs, coaches and competitions.

Melissa Wu is encouraging all young people to 'make a move' and get involved in sport:

'It's a great opportunity for young people to try a new activity or enjoy playing the sports they love.'I hope young people throughout the country get involved in National Youth Week celebrations and have fun playing sport and making new friends.'

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