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Keep Fit Mauritius


It is no secret today that Mauritius is among the top countries which is actually facing an acute problem as far as the health of its population is concerned.

As such with the sedentary life style and the lack of practice of sports, a good majority of the population is suffering from diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, obesity and other problems related to health issues which have kept on increasing.

In view of the above the Mauritius Sports Council together with the Ministry of Youth and Sports are much concerned with the prevailing situation concerning the physical, mental and health fitness of the population and as such are proposing to get the people to practice a sport and at the same time to inculcate a culture of sports within the population to curb down this tendency.

Hence the Mauritius Sports Council and the Ministry of Youth and Sports in collaboration with other Ministries namely the Ministry of Health and Quality of Life, the Ministry of Social Security and the Ministry of Women's Right have launched the "Keep Fit Mauritius" project on Sunday 18 January 2009 at the Auguste Vollaire Stadium, Central Flacq.

Many children, youngsters and senior citizens took part in the activity and were very enthusiastic to perform keep fit exercises under the guidance of Mrs. Georgina Ragaven. The exercises consist of Aerobics, Gym Tonic and free hand exercise.  The program will be extended for a period of twelve weeks every Sunday starting at 7:15 am as from 25 January 2009.

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