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Asiania Sport For All Association (ASFAA) Development Outline for 2009-2012


This outline is drawn up on the basis of the ASFAA Statute to regulate the development of the Association and promote the exchanges in the field of sport for all in the Asia and Oceania region, aiming at expanding the overall influence of the Association.    I. Objectives and Tasks   1. To improve the institutional structure and regulate the internal management.  A "post-responsibility" working mechanism shall be set up and the responsibilities for each Board of Director shall be defined, so that they are regulated to carry out respective responsibilities related to their post.   2. To attract more membership from different channels and expand the scale and influence of ASFAA, enhance the relationship with sports organizations in various countries/regions and international sports organizations such as TAFISA and IOC, etc.   3. To make more efforts to explore and create brands of regional sport for all events and promote the development of sport for all activities in Asia and Oceania region.   4. To establish the academic research base and management training base at appropriate time to promote international exchanges on theoretical findings and management experiences.   5. To gradually promote the marketing and brand value of ASFAA itself, seeking to form a sustainable development model and sharing win-win relationship with cooperative partners.   6. To strengthen the cooperation between ASFAA and media, increase the media coverage over ASFAA and provide a platform of information exchange among different countries/regions.   II. Actions and Measures   7. To set up working mechanism with President as the leadership core, Board of Directors as the responsibility carriers in different posts and Secretariat as the coordinators.  To encourage all the Board of Directors to play more active role in the Association development, each Director shall be defined with responsibilities for specific working areas according to the post requirements and the personal capacities. He/She is requested to submit report or provide information on sport for all development in his/her own country/region. In the meantime, the Directors are also responsible for coordinating with surrounding countries/regions to participate in the activities promoted by the ASFAA. By clarifying the responsibilities and strengthening cooperation, a scientific management model will be formed which brings higher efficiency and smooth operation of the Association.     8. On one side, we shall encourage the various sport for all organizations, especially national and regional organizations to join in the ASFAA. On the other side, we shall enhance cooperation with governmental sport organizations and further strengthen the exchange with international and continental sport for all organizations. Following this way, the influence of the Association shall be expanded both at the governmental and worldwide level.    9. To regulate the coordinated development of various sport for all activities. Among the activities with large influence coverage and scale, a series of brand shall be recognized and further promoted. We shall make full advantage of the major cities in promoting the fitness building methods and the traditional sports especially those with characteristics of ethnic groups.  While taking an active part in the international sport for all activities such as International Challenge Day and World Walking Day promoted by TAFISA, we shall create new programs with our regional features and promote the brand of influential activities of our own.   10. To set up academic research base and management training base at a suitable time and suitable place. 3-5 qualified universities and institutions shall be selected as the academic research base and study on the hot topic in the field of sport for all and the issues of common concerns.  The periodic reports on academic findings shall be publicized for the members' reference and seminars organized for the information exchanges among members.  The member with high capacity and interest in hosting the ASFAA events shall be selected as the management training base, which serves as a platform to exchange management experiences and cultivate talented leaders in sport for all. It is hoped that the above measures will help upgrade the level of academic research and management in the field of sport for all in Asia and Oceania region.   11. To increase the popularity of the ASFAA name brand by organizing influential events and attract more sponsorship and partnership from the international and regional well-known enterprises. Through marketing and sponsorship, the enterprises will benefit with increasing value of product brand and ASFAA will benefit with further promotion of sport for all in this region with the resources generated from these enterprises. Therefore, a long-term cooperation mechanism of mutual benefit between ASFAA and the enterprises will be formed.    12. To put more efforts to strengthen the media promotion and create a favorable environment of public opinions. The ASFAA Newsletter and ASFAA Journal will continue to edit and publish regularly. The official website will be updated with profound content and varied forms. By establishing a press committee within ASFAA, the cooperation with media of various countries/regions will be reinforced. The website will provide with database of information and practice of different countries/regions, and members will learn from each other and draw upon various experiences.   13. This Outline will be developed under the leadership of President and by the Board of Directors and the Secretariat, who takes charge of the implementation of the Outline. Each ASFAA member is requested to work out its own plans according to its different feature.
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