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The 2nd Hong Kong Games


To further promote "Sport for All" cultures in the community, the Sports Commission of Hong Kong decided that the Hong Kong Games (HKG) be held biennially from 2007 onwards. The 1st HKG were held smoothly between 21 April and 6 May 2007 and a total of 1287 athletes participated in four sports competitions, namely athletics, badminton, basketball and table tennis. Various HKG-related activities were well-received and they attracted more than 100 000 members of the public.

The 2nd HKG will be held between 9 - 31 May 2009. Based on the operational mode of the 1st HKG, the 2nd HKG will be organized and coordinated by the Sports Commission and the Community Sports Committee respectively while the 18 District Councils (DCs), the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, relevant National Sports Associations and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) have been invited to be the co-organizers.

The HKG are the first-ever territory-wide major multi-sport event in Hong Kong with the 18 District Councils as the participating units. The objectives of the HKG are to provide districts with more opportunities for sports participation, exchanges and co-operation, and to encourage members of the public to actively participate in sports, thereby further promoting the culture of "Sport for All" at the community level. The HKG also aim to strengthen the public's sense of belonging to the district they live in and at the same time facilitate communication and promote friendship among the 18 districts. Furthermore, the HKG can also foster closer partnership among all stakeholders who promote sports at the community level so as to enhance community cohesion.

On top of the four sports competitions held in the last HKG, namely athletics, badminton, basketball and table tennis, two new competitions, swimming and tennis, will be added to the 2nd HKG. In other words, a total of six sports competitions will be held in the 2nd HKG. Each DC will field its athletes of high calibre to participate in various competitions. There will be the "Overall Champion, 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up" prizes for each of the six sports competitions mentioned above and the district accumulating the highest total points from all the 6 sports competitions will be awarded the prize for the "Overall Champion of the 2nd HKG".

To enable the whole community to learn more about the 2nd HKG and encourage them to support and participate in the Games, the Organizer will continue to launch a series of programmes for public participation, including a large-scale opening ceremony and a grand closing cum prize presentation ceremony, "Elite Athletes' Demonstration and Exchange", "Cheering Team Competition for the 18 Districts", "Casting a Vote for My Favourite Sporty District" and "Making a Guess at the Overall Champion of the 2nd Hong Kong Games" etc. Furthermore, the Organizer has introduced the "Dynamic Moments Photo Contest" in the coming HKG so as to enable more members of the public to participate in the HKG in different ways. Meanwhile, an award named "District with the Greatest Participation in the 2nd HKG" has also been added to encourage each district to send more athletes to participate in the HKG and to enlist support from local dignitaries.

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