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Mr. Baumann, Secretary General of TAFISA, visits Busan


 "The 4th Busan TAFISA World Sport For All Games will be the historical stage that links traditional, contemporary and future sports."

Mr. Baumann gave the above definition of the Busan Games during his visit. Previous TAFISA Sport For All Games focused on the reinvigoration and modernization of traditional sports and games. The 2008 Busan Games includes e-sports and X-sports to become a bridge that reduces the gap between traditional, modern and future sports.

Mr. Baumann also noted that "The name, TreX-Games Busan 2008 epitomizes its qualities." He also stressed the 'UNESCO/TAFISA Recommendations on the Promotion and Development of Traditional Sports and Games' This theme will be adopted as the 'Busan Recommendation' by UNESCO, the Mayor of Busan and other Games supporters.

Mr. Baumann mentioned that another feature of Busan Games is the introduction of African Sport For All. He added that "Africa is a treasure house of sport for all, there are various unique and special traditional cultures. We will make efforts to invite African teams to the Busan Games and introduce African sport for all to the world."

This is Mr Baumann's 8th visit to Busan. He is confident that the Busan Games will be successful. He was very happy to observe the smooth preparations of the OC and is satisfied with its progress.

Mr. Baumann also expressed his opinion about the opening ceremony venues. "From TAFISA's point of view, 'Sajik Stadium' is better than 'Asiad Main Stadium' because citizens can participate in other events which will be placed outside of the Stadium. Sport for all is all about participation, not just watching games."

Furthermore Mr. Baumann asked about Busan citizen's interest in the Busan Games. The key for a successful game is citizen and corporate support. "The Canada Sport for All festival was cancelled due to funding difficulties in 2004."

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