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2013 Macao Sports Day for the Disabled


Organized by the Macau Sport Development Board and in association with the Macau-China Paralympic Committee & Macau - China Recreation and Sports Association for the Disabled, Macau Special Olympics and the Macau Sports Association of the Deaf, the 2013 Macao Sports Day for the Disabled was successfully held at the Olympic Sports Centre Stadium on April 7th and was attended by 2,500 participants. 

Nine recreational and sports activities booths and three physical fitness assessment stations were set up on site so as to allow the disabled and their families, as well as the public to enjoy the fun of sports.

The event already stepped into its 11th year and on every year’s Sports Day, the disabled and their families could also play an active role and go all out to constantly exert their sports spirit. Participants could enjoy a physical fitness assessment at the recreational activities booths and physical assessment stations, various recreational activities held also enabled the public to share the joy of sports with the disabled. 

Through the event, the organizers hope to promote the vision of Sports for All – “Let’s Exercise for a Better Health” to the disabled and the public, also to disseminate the positive message of “a harmonious society, social integration of people with or without disabilities, life-long participation in sports”, which to arouse public awareness and understanding of the disabled and to encourage their active participation in social activities and joint contribution towards a harmonious and healthy society. Special guest of this year is local athlete Ms. Lei On Kei from the swimming team. Her presence served as both a support and encouragement for the disabled to actively participate in society and to face challenges with a positive attitude and spirit.

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