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The 2013 Macao Women’s Sports Festival


With a view to promoting Sport for All, and increasing the awareness and attention of people from all walks of life to the development of physical and mental health of women and their level of participation in sports, Macao Sport Development Board and the Women’s General Association of Macau have jointly hosted the “Macau Women’s Sports Festival” since 2003. Stepping into its eleventh year, the campaign targets at calling local women to value and be aware of the positive influences that sports have on their health and thus encourage them to cultivate a life-long habit of participation in sports. The festival enjoyed wide popularity among the local people ever since it has been held, and hence certain achievements in promoting women’s participation in Sport for All to the public have been made.

The 2013 Macao Women’s Sports Festival was divided into two parts, the first part was the Seminar of Sports and Cancer Prevention, which took place at Macao Tower at 2pm on 23rd March and kicked off this year’s events. Women’s organizations of Guangdong, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Xinhui also delegated their teams to discuss and study the main issues with Macao women. More than 300 local citizens attended the seminar and all expressed their concerns and interests on the subjects under discussion, various questions have been raised and opinions have been shared among the participants.

The second part of the Festival was a series of recreational and sports contests, which was held at Tap Seac Multisport Pavilion at 9am on 24th March. Participants who joined the contests were divided into 2 age groups, which were, Group A from age 18 to 40 and Group B from age 41 to 60. The contest consisted of two rounds of recreational sports competition; teams from each group who scored the highest marks would declare the winner. Women’s delegations from Guangdong, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Xinhui who were invited to join the activity presented a post-contest line dance performance and brought up a more exciting atmosphere to the event. This year’s Festival attracted the participation of 51 groups and nearly 70 competing teams, with a total number reaching some 5,700 participants.

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