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The 34th ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting


The 34th ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting was held in Macao on 24th March. Board of Directors from Australia, China, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Macau, China have attended the meeting. The gathering of the Board aims to deepen their ties and strengthen the mutual communication, as well as discuss the approach to development of the Sport for All in the Asia-Pacific Region and plan to make further exchange.

During the meeting, program of ASFAA activities and ASFAA budgets of 2013 have been adopted and future development of ASFAA was discussed. The meeting was conducted in a good atmosphere, Board of Directors from different countries and regions respectively shared and exchanged their valuable experiences, workable plans and strategies for Sport for All in the Asia-Pacific Region were suggested. During their stay in Macao, they have taken part in some Sport for All events, such as series of activities of the Macao Women’s Sports Festival, Sport-Health Advisory Station and some outdoor experience, which enriched their knowledge to Sport for All in Macao.

The Asiania Sport for All Association is a non-profit organization for long-term development of Sport for All in the Asia-Oceania Region. The objective of ASFAA is to promote the movement and exchange of Sport for All in the Asia-Oceania Region through the co-operation of all members and organizations. Macao joined ASFAA in 2000 and became its Board of Director later in 2008. The ASFAA Training Center, which was located at the Macao Sports Training Centre, was officially opened on 1st November 2010; meanwhile, the “1st ASFAA Sport for All Training Course” was held. The opening of the ASFAA Training Center provides a venue for training the Sport for All activities and creates an important platform for mutual exchange of knowledge and experience for the Board, which enables the development of Sport for All in the Asia-Pacific Region.

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