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2014 World Challenge Day in Macau


Jointly organized by the Macau Sport Development Board and the Civic and Municipal Affairs Bureau, and co-organized by the Health Bureau, the 2014 World Challenge Day once again brought up good news with the total number of participants reaching 264,176, which is the highest record over the last 13 years and equivalent to 43% of the Macau’s population.

The 2014 World Challenge Day was hosted on the 28th May, drawing participation of all residents to conduct physical exercise for 15 consecutive minutes. According to information as provided by The Association For International Sports for All (TAFISA), this year’s competing city, Novi Sad of Serbia, reported that approximately 57,800 participants, which was 17% out of the population of 335,351, had completed the 15-minute exercise.

Due to the overwhelming response and strong support of citizens, Macau was declared as the winner of this year.Through the organization of the World Challenge Day, the organizers aim to promote the message of exercising for a better health and spirit to the public, to call for their long-term sport participation to motivate the residents to exercise continuously and enjoy the fun derived, as well as encouraging the public to actively participate, by bringing physical fitness to new heights. 

The data from this year has reflected the fruitful achievement of Macau’s commitment on promoting “Sport for All”, with people from all sectors not only being aware of the benefits of exercising, but also in the pursuit of an energetic lifestyle, in making sports activities to be one of the leisure activities in their daily life.

Worldwide results available here

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