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Election of the new ASFAA Board of Directors


New ASFAA Board of Directors: (Centre then from left to right): New ASFAA President PUN Weng Kun; Board of Directors WONG Po Kee, Ali MAJDARA, Sarjit SINGH, Hagay HERZEL, Yasuo YAMAGUCHI, Minsoo KIM, Brian DIXON and LIU Guoyong.

On the occasion of the 14th ASFAA Congress in Macao, China, the 23rd ASFAA General Assembly was held on the afternoon on 12 May 2016 at Sheraton Macao during which the new ASFAA Board of Directors were successfully elected and comprised of the following members:

President: PUN Weng Kun (Macao, China)

  • ASFAA Board of Directors:
  • Sarjit SINGH (Malaysia)
  • Brian DIXON (Australia)
  • Hagay HERZEL (Israel)
  • LIU Guoyong (China)
  • Ali MAJDARA (Iran)
  • Yasuo YAMAGUCHI (Japan)
  • Minsoo KIM (Korea)
  • WONG Po Kee (Hong Kong, China)

In the 41st ASFAA Board of Directors meeting held following the General Assembly, the office executives were chosen:

  • Vice Presidents: Sarjit SINGH and Brian DIXON 
  • Secretary General: Hagay HERZEL
  • Treasurer:  LIU Guoyong

The newly elected ASFAA President Mr. Pun Weng Kun, successor of previous ASFAA President  Vong Iao Lek, is the President of Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government. Macao has been strong advocate to the global and regional sport for all movement and each year under the support and directives of the Macao SAR Government has organised a wide range of sport for all events which include:

  • World Walking Day Fun Run and Hiking
  • Macao Sports Games
  • Macao Elderly Sports Day
  • Macao Family Sports Day
  • Macao Women Sports Festival
  • Macao Sports Day for the Disabled
  • Free Sports Ground” Ball Games Competition
  • Public Entities Sport Festival
  • A wide range of Sport for All Activities Classes
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