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Hong Kong 53rd Festival of Sport Promote "Sport for All" Message


Hong Kong 53rd Festival of Sport ("FOS") will be held from March to June 2010. This annual event promoting "Sport for All" and leading a healthy lifestyle in the community is subvented by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department ("LCSD") and continually title sponsored by Bank of China (Hong Kong) for four successive years. This year's FOS theme is "Sport for All" Lead a Healthy Life! According to a recent survey conducted by the Community Sports Committee of LCSD, people are recommended to take part in physical and sports activities for at least 30 minutes a day and three days a week in order to lead a more healthy life. To encourage people to regularly participate in physical and sports activities, Mr. WONG Kam Po (Cycling), Mr. WU Siu Hong (Bowling), Ms. Stephanie AU Hoi Shun (Swimming), and Mr. LAW Hiu Fung (Rowing) have been invited to be the 53rd FOS ambassadors. More than 80 sports competitions, sports demonstrations, family fun days and featured sports events will be organised by 74 National Sports Associations from March 10 to June 10 spanning across 18 districts in Hong Kong. Public are welcome to join and experience the fun of sports by participating in the three new large-scale sporting events to be held in Eastern District, Kwun Tong District and Tsuen Wan District. Admission is free for all events.
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