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Guidelines for the 10th Edition ASFAA Journal


Guidelines for Contributors

Language and types of contribution The Journal of Asiania Sport for All contains several forms of contributions: Articles (8-15 pages), reports (3-8 pages) and congress/event reports (2-3 pages). All manuscripts must be submitted in English. 

Abstract An abstract of 100-200 words and 5 key words maximum must also be supplied, typed on a separate sheet, together with a biographical note of 25 to words.   

QuotationsAll direct quotations of 35-40 words or more should be displayed as indent text, but still double-spaced.  

NotesTry to avoid using too many notes.  Where they are necessary, they must be brief and should appear at the bottom of the page.   

Number of copiesThere copies should be submitted. They will not normally be returned, so authors should ensure that they keep a copy.  All manuscripts must be submitted on a 3.5 inch high density disk in Word for Windows on 10.5 Times New Roman meeting the following specifications:  Top and bottom margins: 2cm  Left margins: 3cm  Right margins: 2cm  Page numbers: bottom center  Full name, organization of authors and contact details (postal address, e-mail address)   

Figures, tables, maps and diagramsThese items must be presented on separate sheets of paper at the end of the article, and should carry short descriptive titles.  Their position within the text should be clearly indicated. They must be precisely and boldly drawn to enable photographic reproduction.  Line diagrams should be presented as camera-ready copy.   

Format for reference listList all entries cited in the text, or any other items used to prepare the manuscript, alphabetically by author and year of publication in a separate, headed, reference section. Please refer the examples given:  McPherson, B.D. (1990) Ageing as a social process: An introduction to individual and population ageing. Toronto: Butterworths. Kidd, B. (1987) Sports and masculinity, in M. Kaufman (ed.) Beyond patriarchy: essays by men. Toronto: Oxford. Laura, R. & White, S., Eds.(1991) Drug controversy in sport: The socio-ethical and medical issues. Sydney: Allen & Unwin. Tsai, M.J. & Jwo, H. (2004) Self-determination perspectives on exercise behavior regulations. Paper presented at the 8th ASFAA Congress, Taipei. Yamaguchi, Y. (2002) Sport, tourism, sport volunteers and Sport for All. Journal of Asiania Sport for All 3(1), 29-36.   

Preparation of manuscriptsAll pages must be typed, double-spaced (especially the notes and references), with generous side margins, on one side on an A4-size page.   

Deadlines for the 10th edition ASFAA Journal:February 25th, 2010.   

CorrespondenceASFAA Secretariat Email: asfaa@sport.gov.cn Address: 2 Tiyuguan road, Beijing 100763, China

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