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The 2007 Conference on National Physical Fitness Successfully Ended


The 2007 Conference on National Physical Fitness was hosted by General Administration of Sport of China, organized by Sport Development Board of Macau Special Administrative Region, and co-organized by Physical Fitness Research Association of China Sport Science Society. The conference successfully ended on July, 6th after three-day continuous meetings.Three main presentations were made by Sheng Zhiguo, director of Sports for All Department of General Administration of Sport of China, Tian Ye, Chief of China Institute of Sport Science, and Korean professor Shang-Hi Rhee, president of International Sports for All Association. There were also 16 theme reports, over 50 lectures, and more than 30 posters made by more than 250 experts and scholars from China and other countries. Therefore, this conference was an important academic conference in the field of physical fitness research.Macau Sport Development Board's successful organization of the conference owed to the support of General Administration of Sport of China, which had made a lot of achievements in monitoring national physical fitness, promoting sports for all activities, and improving national's health. With the technical support of General Administration of Sport of China, Macau Sport Development Board had succeeded in carrying out the research on monitoring Macau citizens' physical fitness in 2005. This conference was the second co-operation between Macau Sport Development Board and General Administration of Sport of China. On one hand, this provided a platform for exchanging the fruits of 2005 national physical fitness research. On the other hand, this provided an opportunity to improve the scientific level of nationwide body-building activities and further strengthen the academic communication of physical fitness research.The theme of the conference was "The Scientific Approaches of Physical Fitness towards the Olympics". The contents of the papers included the research on the status quo and future trends of national physical fitness, the theories and methodologies on the measurement and evaluation of physical fitness, the applications of exercise prescription, youth and children's growth and physical exercises, and the aspects on lifestyles and prevention of chronic diseases. All of these reflected the development of the research on national physical fitness and health in China and other countries.

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