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ASFAA Board of Director approves the date of the 14th ASFAA Congress


The 39th ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting successfully concluded on 14 October 2015 during the 23rd TAFISA Congress in Budapest, Hungary. During the meeting, the date of the 14th ASFAA Congress was confirmed and will take place between 11 and 15 May 2016.

The 39th ASFAA Board of Directors Meeting was the second gathering of the Board of Directors, following the last meeting held in Macau in May this year. The meeting was led by Mr. Alex Vong, ASFAA President and attended by all members of the Board of Directors. Guests of honour at the meeting included ASFAA honorary president and TAFISA President Dr. JuHo Chang;  ASFAA honorary president Mr. Feng Jianzhong and former TAFISA President Dr. Kang Too Lee. 

At the meeting, the Board of Directors shared and discussed the development of the Sport for All movement in the region; one of the main items discussed was the preparation of the 14th ASFAA Congress in 2016. 

The 14th ASFAA Congress was awarded to Macau Sport Development Board (MSDB) during the 22nd ASFAA General Assembly held in Bali, Indonesia in 2014. Representative from MSDB was invited to present the latest update and progress on the 14th ASFAA Congress at the meeting. The final date of the 14th ASFAA Congress was confirmed and approved by the ASFAA Board of Directors and will be held on 11 – 15 May 2016 with the theme "Leisure activities promote sport for all". An official website of the Congress http://asfaacongress2016.sport.gov.mo will be launched on 11 November 2015 to provide further details on the Congress programme and registration. 

Recognised as one of the most important events of ASFAA; the ASFAA Congress serves as a valuable platform of exchange for the ASFAA members as well as sport for all organizations in the region.  To help to promote the event, promotional leaflet on the 14th ASFAA Congress was distributed to participants of the 23rd TAFISA Congress as well as to the TAFISA members at the General Assembly. 

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